Hi! We are Jenni and Corryn- the Jackson Sisters

We are two small town Dundalk, ON moms with a passion for photography. Raised in Grey County we absolutely love the people and the beauty our home has to offer!

In 2016 we decided to turn our lifelong hobby into a serious career path and started offering sessions to family and friends .

Since then we have kept growing and learning. We strive to keep our quality high and our pricing low so everyone has a chance to have a family keepsake to keep for a lifetime.



“The Jackson sisters are a duo that never disappoint! They are so patient with my girls and that makes the world of difference! Family photos are precious memories and I am so glad these two are behind them! Their craftiness adds a touch of magic to all of their backgrounds and the attention to detail is stunning!Their imaginative minis are so creative and definitely my favourite.”

—Chantel Tyrrell-Matchett

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